Love Map Earrings

Lovely little heart-shaped angle earrings, personalised with your chosen map locations. Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Handmade using original, geographical maps and atlases; featuring one or two destinations you feel sentiment to. This makes it a fabulous conversation piece and lovely addition to a jewellery collection.

It can make a meaningful gift for the one you love. Brilliant keepsake which commemorates holidays, events from the past and goals for the future.


  • Please enter your required one - if you like to have both the same earrings - or two map locations into the personalisation box.
  • You can choose any city / town / village/lake/beach/mountain/river/island etc
  • Please note, that I am NOT able to feature a specific street or building, such as a house.
  • If you wish to see a map preview, please don't hesitate to contact us! 


  • Light metal pendants in heart shape, in silver colour
  • Sterling silver french hooks

  • Glass & map measures 14mm / 3/8'' diameter
  • Your earrings will arrive in a nice bag

Collections: Map Jewellery

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