Flower Pressing Service

Service ONLY. Pressing flowers and plants by Eva Gifted Hands in Quedgeley, Gloucester, UK.

One bouquet or one arrangement.

- I prefer to receive your bouquet as soon as possible so that your flowers still look fresh, but I can also work on a week-old bouquet!

- I am based in Quedgeley, Gloucester. If you are nearby, you can drop the flowers off in person. I also accept orders from customers nationwide. Please send your flowers to me using Royal Mail Next Day Delivery or courier service - please message me for the details.

- I
t is strongly advised that you book before your wedding so that I can add your preservation request to my schedule. I only take a limited number of bookings per week. If your wedding has recently taken place and your flowers are still in good condition, it is always worth calling to see if I can arrange a last-minute order. But if you are reading this before your wedding, please email me now!

- I dry all flowers by hand using traditional flower presses and silica gel. Each flower is individually removed from your bouquet, dried, and arranged by hand.

- After preservation, the colours may change a bit; the flowers will also be flat.
White flowers may take on a creamy colour, bright pink may fade a bit, and so on. The success of the preservation depends entirely on the quality, age and condition of the flowers when they reach me. 

- After the preservation is completed (usually 4-8 weeks), I will message you.
You will be able to select your required product (s) from my memorial range - whether the wooden frame or glass frame, little decors or anything from jewellery. 

Please add the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding in the order notes. 

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