Copper Steampunk Watch


This splendid copper steampunk ring has been made using a real Swiss watch inside. It make a fabulous conversation piece and grabs deserved attention. Very comfortable simple band in copper color is adjustable. These little pink dots - are true rubies. The watch does not work anymore, but it gets the right impression.

All watches I use - are authentic and I piece them together from tiny bits in my home studio. It can make a unique, luxurious gift for an unconventional person. Fantastic as a copper wedding anniversary gift.

Steampunk jewellery is bound to remain forever in style as one of the most popular choices in fashion accessories. 



  • The real, antique Swiss watch
  • The watch is steel, copper plated
  • The watch contains 17 rubies (5 seen on the top, rest is inside) 
  • Watch measure 13mm  x 20mm /  0.51 inch x 0.78 inch
  • Adjustable alloy ring in copper color
  • The ring will arrive packed into a lovely presentation box


Collections: Steampunk Jewellery

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