Anemone necklace

Nostalgic wood anemone necklace in fairycore style featuring real pressed white and pink wood anemones picked in gardens of Cotswolds. 

The pressed flowers and their leaves locked in convex glass forever using Tiffany method. The necklace is a little bit heavier than a flat glass piece, but the dry flowers are enlarged like through the magnifying glass.

The flowers are real dried species, please note that they might fade after some time (years though!). It’s because they are natural and I don’t dye them. Please don't store your jewellery under direct sunlight as this shorten life of colour.

Photos are example of the product. Pendants can vary slightly, because in nature there are no two the same flowers. 


  • Two sided glass pendant with eco friendly lead-free solder
  • Necklace available sizes
    1. Diamond 25mm x 25mm / 1'' x 1'' 
    2. Round medium 45mm x 45mm / 1 3/4'' x 1 3/4'' (please note this one is a bit heavy!)
    3. Large oval 40mm x 30mm /~1 3/4'' x 1 1/4''
    4. Heart 35mm x 35mm / ~ 1 1/2'' x 1 1/2'' 
  • The lead free solder is oxidized so it has this black, vintage look.
  • Iron chain in gunmetal black colour with lobster claw clasp measures 60cm / 24'' - but if you require other length - please don't hesitate to put it in a note to your order.
  • Your lovely wood anemone necklace will arrive in a nice presentation box

Collections: Botanical Jewellery

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