12mm Steampunk Ear Gauges

If you are looking for really unusual plugs this may be something for you.  
These steampunk plug earrings are absolutely awesome for a person like you; ear stretching is in vogue and we so love this creative image these can add to your personality!

The whole pair of 12mm / 1/2" stainless steel black ear tunnels filled with real watch parts and finest clear resin. You can choose from screw back for easy fit, o-ring or double flare.

These are not mass produced, and are done in very limited quantity. 




- Size 12mm / 1/2"
- Pair of ear gauges to choose from

  • double flare
  • screw back
  • o-ring

- Black SURGICAL steel tunnels
- Genuine watch parts
- High quality clear resin
- This item cannot and should not be autoclaved.
- To preserve the life of resin items it is best to store them away from direct sunlight and heat.
- This pair will arrive in a nice presentation box.


Resin care


These ear gauges cannot and should not be autoclaved. It is best to store them away from direct sunlight and heat

Please note that all my items are handmade and small marks or bubbles may be present. I do take care to minimise any imperfections and hope that these are viewed as an inevitable aspect of producing such handmade products, adding to their unique nature.

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