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J Pen Nib Earrings

Extraordinary dangling earrings made of antique, fountain pen nibs. They are very lightweight - you can wear them all day without discomfort and they beautifully swing - with each movement of a head. They can make an excellent gift for a woman with great sentiment to real, paper books.

These pen nibs are authentic and has been re purposed so please keep in mind that they may show signs of wear which I think adds to the beauty.


  • Nibs made of gold coated steel with letter J embossed
  • You can choose from variety of colors (different patina covers)
  • Light or Rich gold with Light or Heavy Patina
  • Lightweight
  • Length 50 mm / 2 inch
  • The pair will arrive in a lovely organza bag
  • Push Back or Fish Hooks - sterling silver (925) and oxidized

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