Wine Glass Charms with Custom Map

Fabulous personalised wine glass charms featuring map destinations of your choice.
These can make a great gift for a hostess.
They are quite useful on parties - there is no more confusion over whose glass is whose.

I hear you asking - 'Why the heck, they are so expensive???'
My answer is simple - these charms - are custom made using original geographical maps and atlases of places YOU or the gift recipient feel sentiment to.

Whether it is Warsaw, Ottawa, Cambridge or Bermudas - the location for each charm is up to you.

The wine glass charms are made of metal wire, glass beads in variety of colours, metal pendant and vintage maps (with your chosen locations). 

Your custom wine glass charms will arrive attached to a nice black card and a tissue paper.

Regarding the number of charms you can order them in sets.

- set of 2 charms
- set of 4 charms
- set of 6 charms


Please add a note in personalisation box - what places you want me to feature.

For instance - choosing set of 4 charms - you are giving me 4 locations

Please - don't be too specific. I am using only real maps not google printouts so I CANNOT feature street, building or a house.

If you wish to see a preview of maps before order - please let me know - I am happy to show you what can I make for you!



Available colours of beads:
- Yellow
- Pink 1
- Pink 2
- Blue 1
- Blue 2
- Blue and Green

If you wish to have more of less or different mix of colours - please don't hesitate to message me!

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