Steampunk keyring


Very manly keyring, made of real antique watch movement on metal base in silver tone. 

Great gift idea for new homeowners!

This fantastic steampunk keyring features authentic Swiss watchwork. It is made of metal in old silver color, these little pink dots are real rubies which used to work as jewel bearings. The watch doesn't work anymore as a timepiece but it is still impressive and makes a fabulous conversation starter!

You will receive a keyring super similar to the one shown in photos. The only difference may be in inscriptions on the watch work, but the shape will be the same!


  • Metal pendant and good size clasp in silver color
  • Authentic Swiss watch movement measures 25mm / 1''
  • The little pink dots are real rubies used to work as jewel bearings
  • This keyring will arrive in a nice gift bag

Please note that the key from photos is my own home key and I used it as a prop so you will get a keychain with NO KEY ;)



Collections: Gadgets

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