Womens Cufflinks

Totally cool little cufflinks featuring vintage watch movements. Just perfect for woman's cuffs. These tiny pink gems on them - are real rubies. The watches do not work anymore, but nevertheless these cufflinks will impress friends, family and co-workers.

All watches I use - are authentic and I piece them together from tiny bits with a true watchmaker precision in my home studio and this is what makes this set a fabulous conversation piece. 

This elegant cufflink set can make an awesome addition to your business outfit. Its impression is worth more than a thousand words and you can be sure it will be treasured forever making it a true heirloom.  




- Authentic watch movements made of steel with true rubies  
- Watches measuring about 16 mm x 14 mm / 0.62'' x 0.55'' 
- The cufflink backs are metal fastened to the watches with high quality epoxy
- The cufflinks will arrive packed into the brown presentation box
- Choose from plain or with fish scale pattern watch

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