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Wedding Bouquet Preservation

If you wish to have your wedding bouquet preserved and you are based in the UK, look no further. 

I offer a service of pressing your flowers up to a week after your wedding (you need to arrange flower delivery to my studio). After 3-6 weeks, when all the flowers are dry, I will create an A3 wall decor to commemorate your big day. 

Please get in touch with me to discuss the details before the order

Last-minute bookings are welcome!

If you paid the deposit already or wish to use the gift certificate you have been given, I will deduct this amount from the total cost, please message me for the details. 

If you purchased PRESSING FLOWER SERVICE from me already - please select the "Stained glass frame only" option at the checkout 


- I need your bouquet to be as fresh as possible, but I can process  flowers up to one week after your event
- I work in Gloucestershire, UK and you are welcome to pop in or arrange a courier service to deliver the flowers after your wedding.  
- I will use a traditional flower press and silica gel to preserve your flowers
- After 3-6 weeks, I will arrange the pressed flowers on an A3-size glass and cover it with another piece of glass. 
- I will seal the design in the Tiffany technique (just like stained glass) with K Grade Solder (60% Tin 40% Lead).
- The solder will be oxidized for this antique, black look. 

  • Please don't expose your finished piece in the direct sunlight. It can cause the colors of the flowers to fade over time.

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