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Triangular pressed flower necklace 2

Gorgeous pressed flower necklace made of real flowers flat glass in an equilateral triangle shape and lead-free solder. I used a variety of plants to create every single piece. Each necklace makes a statement. 

This mixed botanical jewellery has an enchanting aesthetic. A distressed look achieved that's to a layer of patina blackening the metal frame. You can choose from four designs - indigo lobelia, vibrant pink, yellow buttercup and pick & mix (made to order with your selection of flowers!). 

Your chosen necklace will arrive in a lovely presentation box.

When you are not wearing it - it's crucial to store it away from the direct sunlight. I try to choose the plants that will keep their colour for long, but as these are real dried species, please note that they might fade after some time. It’s because they are natural and I don’t dye them.


  • Double-sided flat glass pendant in an equilateral triangular shape
  • Size 50mm x 50mm / 2'' x 2''

    Variants available:
  • indigo lobelia,
  • vibrant pink,
  • yellow buttercup
  • pick & mix - please contact me with your selection of flowers and I will make it custom for you

  • Two different fastenings are available - please check the photos (I am able to mix and match) 
    - two-point (pink and indigo variants)
    - one in the middle

  • Iron chain in gunmetal black colour with a lobster claw clasp.
  • Chain length is up to you - please add a note in the box at the checkout with your required length. For reference on models - pink necklace is on 40cm chain, indigo lobelia on 45cm chain
  • The eco-friendly, lead-free solder is oxidized so it has this black, vintage look.
  • Your necklace will arrive in a lovely presentation box

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