Botanical Jewellery

Triangular pressed flower earrings

A contemporary, geometrical pressed flower dangle earrings made of real flowers and plants, flat glass in a triangular shape and lead-free solder

My cottagecore, botanical jewellery has an enchanting aesthetic also thanks to a distressed look of oxidised metal and silver (all my earring findings are sterling silver). 

You can choose from a few designs: lichen & moss, yellow flowers, blue forget-me-nots and green ferns. 

Your chosen set of earrings will arrive in a lovely presentation box.

When you are not wearing it - it's crucial to store it away from the direct sunlight. I try to choose the plants that will keep their colour for long, but as these are real dried species, please note that they might fade after some time. It’s because they are natural and I don’t dye them.

For matching necklaces - please browse here.


  • Double-sided flat glass in a triangular shape
  • Triangle measures 35mm x 35mm / 1.37'' x 1.37''
  • The triangle hangs on a thin iron chain - the full length of earrings is 77mm / 3.03''

  • French hooks are sterling silver, oxidised and sanded.
  • The eco-friendly, lead-free solder is oxidised so it has this black, vintage look.
  • Your earrings will arrive in a lovely presentation box

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