Typewriter Key Bookmark


Unusual metal bookmark for books - made of authentic vintage typewriter key in ivory color. Just as cool as real paper books these days! We love them - they smell nicely, and give fantastic reading experience so having this little bookmark can be really handy. 

Fantastic gift for an avid reader who loves books and keeps having a few 'in a process' all over the place. Maybe for a partner who constantly reads? It makes a great conversation starter! 

All typewriter keys I use are authentic and come from a real machine. This is simply a piece of history.



  • Solid metal bookmark blank in antique bronze or silver color
  • measures 85mm x 30mm / 3 1/4 inch x 1 1/4 inch
  • Shift or Shift Key key from the antique Remington typewriter in ivory color
  • The typewriter key measuring 20mm / almost 3/4''
  • The bookmark will arrive packed into a nice organza bag

Collections: Bookmarks

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