Typewriter Jewellery

Coral Statement Typewriter Necklace

Absolutely unique whimsical, statement necklace for an exceptional woman who has a great courage and strong personality. IBM Selectric typewriter font ball with large coral bead turned into an eye catching necklace.  

It can make a fantastic gift for a graphic designer or for a funky writer.
No one would have the same necklace, because typeballs are very, very rare now

This font ball is authentic and has been repurposed so please keep in mind that it may show signs of wear which I think adds to the beauty. This authenticity is what makes this necklace so fabulous conversation piece.  



  • The font ball is aluminium with a bakelite element with name of font
  • Top, added part is a large coral bead
  • Whole pendant measuring about 4 cm / 1 1/2"

  • Iron chain measuring about 70 cm / 28"

  • The necklace is packaged in nice presentation box

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